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Little incident at the McDonald City Mall

Posted by Khaled on December 26, 2009

I took my kids along with my brother and his son to City mall to play at the kids playground thingy. Well after a couple of hours of torture we went to the food court to have a bite. Of course the kid’s favorite is McDonald. So I went to buy them happy meals, and here is how things went:

Me: I want this and that and that and this.

Cashier girl: Your total is 10.950 JD

* So I took my money out and I had two 20JDs and four 1Jd, so I handed her 21JD*

*She took the money and did not give me my 10JD back*

Me: I gave you 21JD

Cashier girl: No, you gave me 11JD.

Me: Could you check the cashier Machine and make sure.

*She does and show me 11JD*

Me: OK, looks like one of us could be mistaken here, could I speak with the Manager?

Manager: Yes may I help you.

Me: We have a situation here, my total was 10.950 and I gave her 21JD while she says I gave her 11JD. Either ways one of us has made a mistake, could be me could be here….

Cashier girl: LA WALLAH, HE GAVE ME 11JD.

Me: Ma’am, I’m not saying you have done anything wrong, I’m just saying one of us has done an accidental error.

Manager: Please get back to your cashier.

Me: So, could you check after you close your tonight and see if you have any cash over and if you do have 10JD to give me a call.

Manager: By all means, will do and not to worry thank you for coming.

*Handed him my business card*

Went back to my table to enjoy my meal with my kids and in my mind I was thinking, GOOD FAT LUCK! but felt good about the procedure I followed to report my problem and I think I have done a good job staying calm.

Then my phone rings only 15 minutes later and it was the Manager on the other line asking me to go back and talk to him.

He has done quick money count at that cashier machine and found out an extra 10JD and check with the security camera as well.

I’m so proud of the way this young manager handled this situation. And I want to applaud him  for such professionalism & caliber.

Do I sense hope for Customer Service in Jordan? or is it only available in internationally franchised establishment?

I’m contacting Armoush group to send recommendations to the young manager Mr. Mohamad Salim Alhadoub at McDonald City Mall.

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Little Chitchat!

Posted by Khaled on December 17, 2009

I went to pick up family from Amman airport. So what I usually do is park the car of I’m pretty early which I am always (in case flight arrives early). Then 15 minutes before landing I drive the car around.

And here is the conversation that went between me and the Police man;

Me: Marhaba, tara sort lafif arba3 laffat, beddy bas 5 minutes.

Policeman: we7yat 3yonak ma bagdar.

Me: Tayeb mashkoor.

Policeman: As2alak so2al?

Me: Tfadal.

Policeman: Sayartak hathi?

Me: No, my brother’s.

Policeman: Tab laish jaabha beetha?

(Let’s stop here for a minute for a minute and ponder for a while WHATTA HELL!)
Of course after living in Jordan for close to 7 months I have learned it is OK.

Me: Salamet natharak hatha loon sadafi mesh abyath!

Policeman: OK, etawelesh.

LOL, I will keep saying this again and again; I Love living in Jordan.


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