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Jordan businesses invading the social media(Twitter)

Posted by Khaled on September 26, 2009

There are plenty of businesses that are utilizing the social media to reach more customers. Most top brands are engaging the social media to market their services and products to people. Customers are also using the social media to place a complaint or even give a positive feedback.

As we all know Jordan is one of the pioneer Middle East countries when it comes to technology, and there have been a movement from Jordanian royalty, officials, CEOs to engage with customers on a personal level.

Let’s take Twitter as an example;

HM Queen Rania is a global Tweep, she tackles all global issues and let us know on a personal level her inner thoughts while on one of her royal tours.

Then we have Mr. Fadi Ghandour the CEO of Armex, not only he talks about Entrepreneurship and sustainability. Just today o of Jordan Tweeps Mr. Stitieh was complaining that his attempts to call customer services at Aramex were unsuccessful, and guess who came to the rescue? Yes Mr. Fadi Ghandour, the CEO of Aramex is helping him solve his issue.

We also have the CEO of Orange Mobile Ms. Majd Shweikeh who also tweets about work and life in general; she had to play the role of customer services when plenty of people started complaining about their internet speed throughout the social media world. She also was kind enough to attend the Amman Twestival and offers all the attendees a special rate on the iPhone.

We also have the Mayor of Amman city Mr. Omar Maani who keep us update of the various activities and events produced by the city.

We also have other officials like Mr. Khaled Irani who is the Minister of Environment and is very active tweeting several environment issues.

Then there are several online businesses that started popping out and utilizing the social media to market their services; one of the first ones that I noticed is Jordan Maps & GPS service InsideJo. There is also other company that I actually used their services such as Photojonet where you can upload your online pictures and they will print it and deliver it to your doorsteps for you. There is also Wheels Express where you can order DVDs, Sheesha, Blue-ray, tobacco, snacks among other stuff to be delivered to you.

There are plenty more companies that are making their way to Twitter, and more and more customers are finding out it is easier to tweet your complaint than wait endlessly on the phone hoping to find the right person to solve your issue. Tweets are louder than calls.

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September 11, 2009 Amman Twestival ’09 Tweet. Meet. Give.

Posted by Khaled on September 13, 2009

Reblog from: http://mkhawaja.jeeran.com/archive/2009/9/939619.html

On behalf of the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship, It is my pleasure inviting you to join the 2nd Twestival event in Jordan Amman Twestival (Twitter + Festival). This time the discussion will be around Entrepreneurship and Social Media. The event is designed to be very interactive where your tweets will be displayed live (on the BIG screen) during the event, which will give the moderator and everyone -including the panelists- the chance to elaborate on your tweet either by talks (or maybe another tweet!) Thanks to @tweetDeck 🙂 ! The Cause for this year’s Twestival is to support: Al-Aman Fund for the Future of the Orphans Al-Aman Fund for the Future of the Orphans is an independent non-governmental organization founded in 2006 by Her Majesty (@QueenRania) Al-Abdullah.

 Time: September 13, 2009 from 9pm to 11pm

Host:Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (@QRCE)

 Location: Al-Hashemeyyen Theatre, Royal Scientific Society

Location map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=109625758156428484728.00043e8954f270a9d9d7c

For more information about twestival, please visit: http://amman.twestival.com/

Stay tuned follow @AmmanTwestival !

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هاني متواسي – أحوالي ما تسرش

Posted by Khaled on September 11, 2009

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