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Little Chitchat!

Posted by Khaled on December 17, 2009

I went to pick up family from Amman airport. So what I usually do is park the car of I’m pretty early which I am always (in case flight arrives early). Then 15 minutes before landing I drive the car around.

And here is the conversation that went between me and the Police man;

Me: Marhaba, tara sort lafif arba3 laffat, beddy bas 5 minutes.

Policeman: we7yat 3yonak ma bagdar.

Me: Tayeb mashkoor.

Policeman: As2alak so2al?

Me: Tfadal.

Policeman: Sayartak hathi?

Me: No, my brother’s.

Policeman: Tab laish jaabha beetha?

(Let’s stop here for a minute for a minute and ponder for a while WHATTA HELL!)
Of course after living in Jordan for close to 7 months I have learned it is OK.

Me: Salamet natharak hatha loon sadafi mesh abyath!

Policeman: OK, etawelesh.

LOL, I will keep saying this again and again; I Love living in Jordan.


4 Responses to “Little Chitchat!”

  1. jaraad said

    What a question! I think if you agreed with him and told him you don’t like white as well he may had let you park for a longer time 🙂

  2. Ola said

    LOL!! these conversations with policemen are priceless!! You reminded me of the conversation I had when I had my first driving ticket… I think I should blog about that

  3. Noura said

    Thank God that he was in good mood and up for a small talk..I guess it was your lucky day 🙂

  4. haha i think someone should research all the conversations ppl have with policeman and write like a memoir of some sort. lol

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