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Congrats Maktoob you made us all proud #JO

Posted by Khaled on August 25, 2009

I was so happy to hear about Yahoo buying Maktoob, some say 100 Mil and some say 85 Mil. It doesn’t really matter, what really matters is the success story created by Jordanians.  This is a proof that Jordan have resources. We have Brains and Entrepreneurship. We have great potentials, and there are individuals and groups promoting and encoureging Jordanians to reach their maximum potentials. Mr. Fadi Ghandour has requested any young enterpenuar who has an idea to contact him by email. We have Jordan’s Brain Gain group on Linkedin.

Hereare few posts about the story:

 Q&A: Yahoo! Senior VP Keith Nilsson 

 POST  from StartupArabia

Jazarah Blog

Maktoob through the ages.

@Fadig The future for Arab entrepreneurship will be known as Before Maktoob-Yahoo (BMY) and After Maktoob-Yahoo (AMY). Yes we can #Maktoob

@Fadig Samih Toukan and Hussam Khoury are true heroes that should be celebrated and have their story told. Yes we can #Maktoob

@Fadig A great story for Jordan. Who says we do not have natural resources! More valuable than gold! http://bit.ly/8Y2ML

Thank you Mr. Samih Toukan & Mr. Hussam Khoury for creating a success story we all can learn from.

Congrats Issam (God Father of Jordan Planet) as well.

@ibayazidi best of both worlds http://twitpic.com/f79uxmaktoob

Congrats Jordan and let us all follow leads.

Who is next? Jeeran? Ikbis?




@samihtoukan The Maktoob Journey was an amazing journey…a true success story…

@samihtoukan I want this to be an example to Arab youth and entrepreneurs…a message that we can do it out of the Arab World…


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