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Arab airports

Posted by Khaled on January 6, 2009

So on Sunday we were leaving to Morocco. At the airport right before boarding at the security Check door, me and my boss who is Kuwaiti but wearing jeans like me were shocked to see the police officer dragging a gentelman from Bangladish who is traveling to Dubai (our connection) from his collar like a rag, while the other officer laughing. They asked him for his civil ID and were mean to him.
When we presented our passports (American & Kuwaiti) his orders were: 6OOOF! ordering us to move on.
Kuwait should really think about Airport and security staff if they are serious about becoming a “Financial Hub”.

Then we arrive Casablanca, Morocco. I didnt know should I go get a Visa from the airport or just walk to the passport window, so I walked to the passport window. The guy was incredibly welcoming which surprised me a little, he kept saying “Welcome to Morocco” “We are honored with your visit” “Kuwaities are our brothers” I told him I’m actually Palestinians, which made home become more hospitalatble, so I said wow whatta nice warm welcoming bunch those Moroccans! LOL
Then here it goes, he stamped my passport to get in and he goes : ” Where is my tip? I have been praising you from the moment you came but I haven’t seen any of your deeds till now”
Ofcourse I was shocked and froze, is he kidding? then after an ackward moment, nope he is dead serious.
So, I said oh sure, I reached to my pocket and I found the smallest bill I have is $20 which is alottttttt. But I was stunned and was acting as if a gun is pointed against my head. I gave him the bill and he even gave me his number and told me to call him and he will show me around.
Ladies & Gentelmen A passport police man is a pimp after hours!

So, what the hell is wrong with our airports, I mean in Morocco they have about 8 Million tourists each year and increasing, why not fix this bad habit?

In Kuwait, we keep complaining about Qatar & Dubai and how we were better once. Fix your image, at least at the airport because it is what foreigners first see.

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