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Facebook small chat!

Posted by Khaled on November 30, 2008

Eslam: Hi .. No problem . Thank you for adding me. You’re Khaled from Global, right? 🙂

Khaled: Salam Eslam,
Ex-Global 🙂
Last week was my last, I now joined Taameer Kuwait.

Eslam: mabrook!!! 3o’balna ya Rabb 🙂

Khaled: Allah yebarek feek, 7a2ool lommi ted3eelak 🙂

Eslam: Thanks! Ay 7add yed3eeli.. I’m not that picky 🙂

Khaled: Depends how serious you wanna leave?
I mean if you want to leave in 2008 we have to put my mom on it, if your plans are flexible we can use our next door neighbor. LOL

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