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I’m goin going to Jordan Jordan(Advice needed)

Posted by Khaled on November 8, 2008

Well, since my back migration from the states I have been trying to reside in Jordan but could not find a supporting advice.

Now I am moving to Jordan thank the Lord. It will be a gradual move, me first then the kids and thier mom after they are done with their schooling.

So here are few Questions to you out there:

1- School for the kids, I’m more concerned about academics & social, not looking forward for the British format though, Arab or American only.

2-Which area in Amman is suitable for a family of 4? looking for a 3 Bedrooms Apartment.

3-Cars, I have asked around and I think the most affordable way to get a car in my case is to buy one from an individual for now.

Thanks in advance.

7 Responses to “I’m goin going to Jordan Jordan(Advice needed)”

  1. Abdallah said

    It all depends on the budget you’ve given for all three issues. but for schools I was wondering which system are you going for because here there is the “tawjihi”(Jordanian national certificate) , the is the IG, and the IB (which is the Swiss system), and there is the American system. As for the car many people are selling their cars, which gives you and opportunity to get a good car for a low price :P. Housing arrangements; all around Amman you can find apartments or Villas suitable for a family of 4!

    I know i didn’t help that much, but thats all i can tell you

  2. Dina.AA said

    Welcome back to Jordan.

    It’s good decision to come alone first to arrange all these issues without bothering the kids and your wife.

    I agree with Mr. Abdallah that your budget will limited your choices…but i could recommend few schools for your kids where they will feel no deferent environment since these schools are following the SAT Syestem.

    The International School of Chouiefat- Amman 00962 64291133
    for more information visit the web-bage http://www.iscamman-sabis.net
    i work there and if you need any more information feel free to contact me.


    The International Academy School-Amman 00962 65502055
    for more information visit the web-bage http://www.iaa.edu.jo

    and the last one,

    king’s Academy School- Amman 00962 64300230
    more information visit http://www.kingsacademy.edu.jo/

    now for the car,

    actually i’m thinking of selling my car..i have Honda civic 2001 (silver)
    we can discuss the prize if you are interesting

    but i can’t help you with the house since i still single and live with my parent…therefore, i dont have that much experience in that field.


    Good luck

  3. 40Some said

    Thank you Abdulah and Dina.

    I think my budget for school is 1500, 2500 JD each kid.

    I’m also looking for a Japanese car 2000 and up.

    About the apartment, I wonder which area is best? my budget for the apartment 270-350JD.

    Should I look for one at the area after the Jordanian university? or somewhere in the Gardens or Al rabya?

    or maybe an old house in Jabal Amman?

    I’m brain storming here…

  4. Anon said

    You did not mention how old your children are so I am going to assume they are of elementary school age.

    Recently, I was in Amman to visit the schools that I researched on the internet. I was looking into a smooth transition for my kids who were going to 5th and 4th grade. I visited the American Community School (ACS). Their educational curriculum follows our system in the States. They require all their teachers have teaching credentials from there. I also visited another school, Modern American School, which I discovered they follow the British curriculum. Why they called it “American”~I do not know. Anyhow, I had wanted to check out one of the elementary classrooms but instead was shown the kindergarten room. I was told that “all the classrooms are the same” despite my requests to see at least a 5th grade classroom. Needless to say my requests were ignored even though the kids were out for recess. My husband and I were pretty much creeped out by their refusal to show us another class; whereas at ACS we were shown all the classrooms, lunchroom, etc. Believe me the their kindergarten rooms are very different than a 5th grade classroom.

    As for cars, I’m sure you will find a lot of sellers through your new neighbors, acquaintances, or co-workers.

    Abdoun, Khalda, and Dabouq are nice areas to raise a family if you don’t mind paying higher prices to live in a villa.

    Hopefully you and your family will enjoy residing in Jordan.

  5. 40Some said

    Thank you Anon,

    Laila is going to 3rd grade and Omar to 1st grade. About schools, some say go with old schools and avoid new schools.

    The search continues…

    Thank you again.

  6. Abdallah said

    I’ve checked the Modern Montesorri School and the prices for grade 1 – 4 range between 2000 – 3000 each with i think (not sure) a small discount for having 2 brothers or sisters in the school, the school follows the IB system. The school is located in Khalda and personally i think if you want a living arrangement and its a stable job then the house should be a bit close to work :P! Good luck and keep us posted!

    btw, are you a Family guy fan (i saw stewie :P) you should check out my blog its has alot of clips from family guy! 😛

  7. 40Some said

    Thanks Abdullah 🙂

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